EMURGO Africa enables Cardano to become a mainstream technology for industrial innovation in Africa.

EMURGO Africa is an investment vehicle to promote and finance start ups in Africa through funding and our partner’s acceleration programs. With the inception of smart contracts, it’s never been a better time to launch Cardano projects. Cardano Africa is being established by EMURGO through funding and incubation programs.

EMURGO is a founding entity of Cardano and its commercial arm. That means our investees will be the first to know about new Cardano developments, allowing you to launch products faster than your competitors.

EMURGO will selectively provide funding to projects that want to build dApps on CARDANO or migrate from other protocols. Among the advantages of EMURGO funding are:

EMURGO Africa is intended for Individuals or organizations that have:


CARDANO is an open-source blockchain project. Its layered architecture, proof of stake protocol, and the recent highly anticipated smart contract enablement allow for an adaptive and scalable platform without compromising security.

CARDANO’s Alonzo upgrade supports smart contracts via its own development language called Plutus. It’s derived from Haskell and created from the ground up. It is mathematically proven, peer-reviewed by, and has a short learning curve that simplifies development.

EMURGO is the gateway to the Cardano ecosystem

To promote Cardano and its decentralized ecosystem, EMURGO invests, advises and supports organizations using it. EMURGO provides global organizational and personal education through its blockchain R&D expertise and industry partner network.



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